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We ensure adherence to quality standards to provide quality products.

A special section that inspects the quality is set up, and our company is tried in the quality assurance with person's hand, eyes, and various inspection machines. With these principles, OKAYAMA CO.,LTD. gives first priority to delivering the highest quality in all of our products, including any prototype, to sustain a high level of customer satisfaction.

[3D measuring instrument]

3D measuring instrument (SP600A) is used at the stage of the first work inspection to measure a three-dimensional size, the distortion of the plane, and deflection, etc. (accuracy down to 1/1000mm)

[Ozon tester]

Ozon tester is used to inspect ozon resistance of selected rubber materials.

[Fluorescent X-ray Analyzer]

Fluorescent X-ray Analyzer(SEA1000A) which inspect element of materials were introduced in August, 2007.

[other measuring machine]

  • measuring micro scope

  • roller measuring scope

  • rubber hardness date processor

OKAYAMA CO., LTD. acquired the attestation of the ISO9001 at Headquarters and Shizuoka Buffer Yard in March 2001.
In addition, the attestation of the ISO14001concerning the environment is acquired in September 2002, and it works on not only the quality but also environmental problems positively.

Registration number: ISO9001: 2015 JUSE-RA-387 ISO14001: 2015 JUSE-EG-102
[Examination organization: Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers Registration Center]


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