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Molding method

[Rubber Products]

We handle almost all rubber products from natural rubber to special synthetic rubber including SBR, EPT, IR, NBR, CR, IIR, urethane rubber, acrylic rubber, and fluoro rubber. We mold and process to meet client needs. We also offer such general-purpose products as o-rings and belts.

  Molding method Main Products
Molded products Compression molding/Injection molding home appliances, agriculturalmachinery, printers, antivibration material, air conditioners
Injection molding antivibration material
Extrusion molding packing (window frame, door etc), solid rubber, sponge rubber
Castable/Urethane molding rollers and blades for home appliances and industrial products
Standard Products o-rings, oil seals, belts, casters, tubes
Secondary products Cutting, Composites/Water Jet processing We offer cutting services without requiring metal molds for prototypes, small quantities, rubber, urethane, plastics and sponges.
Commercial rubber sheeting, Rubber, Sponges CR, NBR, SI, fluorine, etc, rubber magnets
Die-cutting products Custom rubber sheeting (We can accommodate non-UL approved requests regardless of the type of rubber, thickness, or firmness.)
plastic film (printing, welding, UL-approved)
antivibration materials(Hama-damper, Haya-damper)

[Plastic products]

Plastics are now indispensable like rubber. We make plastic products to meet all applications using various materials and molding technologies.
We also offer fabricated products including cutting, laminating, and dipping.

  Molding method Main Products
Molded products Injection molding home appliances, agricultural machinery, printers, automobiles, sewing machines (exteriors, interiors and gears), plastic parts and products
Co-injection molding home appliances, buttons,knobs
Dissimilar injection molding home appliances, printer exteriors
Gus injection molding printers, automobiles, plastic parts and products
Blow molding home appliances, agricultural machinery, bottles
Vacuum molding home appliances, agricultural machinery, printers, small quantities
Extrusion molding home appliances, printers, automobiles, hoses
Rotational molding printers, other large items
Cast articles prototypes
Heat press molding film, etc
Heat-hardening resin molding heat-resistant parts (socket, insulation, etc)
Secondary products Die-cutting, Composites prototypes
Dipping home appliances, sewing machines, clippers
Powder coating coating
Printing silk screens, potting,keyboard sheets
Plastic magnet magnets, refrigerator packing
Hard coating hardening of the surface of acrylic resins and polycarbonates

[Metal Products]

We handle ordinary metallic materials such as aluminum, magnesium, iron, SUS, and copper. As for these, we are confident we can supply products to meet every satisfaction.
Of course, we are ready to supply other materials as the need arises.

  Molding method Main Products
Molded products Die-casting motorcycle radiators, etc
Metal injection molding printers (paper runner)
Secondary products Press work, Composite articles stamped sheet metal, vulcanized rubber & metals, interiors and exteriors
Sheet metal processing exteriors of copy machines and other machinery
Assembly products air conditioner piping, rollers, assemblies of rubber, metal and plastic


Starting from rubber, our company now handles various products to meet client needs such as hard and soft cases, antibacterial filters, labels, and printed matter.
We are also stressing assembled products combining several types of parts.

engraving, electromagnetic interference shield materials, hard cases, soft cases, filters, felt, labels, printed materials, springs, screws, plastic bags, double-sided tapes, chemical plating, hard coating, packing bands; PE, PP, etc


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