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From planning to production process, OKAYAMA CO.,LTD.
is committed to providing comprehensive support to our clients.

Technological Expertise
(Planning Support)

  • Quick-turnaround time
  • Initial quality assurance
  • Implementation of environmental measures
  • Trial products offering in a short delivery date.
  • Elaborating initial quality.
  • Based on toxic substance component investigation, propose environmental corresponded materials.
  • Appropriate cost proposition through design and standby materials.

Planning/Procurement competence

  • Pre-production meetings (Each designated section is to carry out its own P.D.C.A cycle.)
  • Pre-production tools
  • Hold production arrengement meetings, and participate in customers' projects, requests, and schedules. Each section carries out P.D.C.A.
  • The most suitable factories for customers' needs are selected from 400 factories both in domestic and overseas.
  • Analyze past complaints to prevent recurrence.
  • Important quality inspection, such as mold accuracy inspection, trial products inspection, and process ability inspection are carried out in our company.

Sustainable Supply/Quality Assurance

  • Quality control inspection
  • Initial quality assurance
  • Implementation of environmental measures

Customer satisfaction survey/Dealing with quality complaints

  • Information about whether we could satisfy the customers' demand is collected from customers, analyzed, and evaluated.
  • Quality complaint information in the past 5 years are kept as provision materials.


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