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Message from the President

Kimiya Okayama

Since our founding in 1930, we have made consistent and significant progress, which reflects who we are today. This achievement is due, in large part, to everyone’s continued support and commitment, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to all those involved.

With 'Technologies and Ideas' and 'Speed and Commitment' as our models, we continue to provide customer-oriented services from start to finish. In this borderless era where many of the world's industries and nations freely interact with each other, we further commit ourselves to living up to these values by examining and responding to the needs of our customers.

This is our fundamental belief and the sole purpose of our operation. To achieve such fundamental goals, we plan to expand our overseas procurement networks and cultivate technical expertise while ensuring ISO-based quality management and environmental controls to fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibility. By thinking outside the box, we adapt ourselves to changes in society, and with a fresh and open mind, we strive to find the best way to contribute to future development.

The OKA (hills) in our company name OKAYAMA reflects the image of the first flush of spring grass, while YAMA (mountains) carries our vision for consistent growth through our continued efforts. In closing, I would sincerely like to ask for your continued support and the encouragement that is essential to our future success.



Our Promise

We make a commitment to continuously fulfill the lives of our stakeholders.

Okayama's three business principles

  1. Enterprise
  2. Endeavor
  3. Equity


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