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Personal Data Protection Policy

  1. OKAYAMA CO.,LTD.(OKAYAMA) exhibits a use purpose, the matter which it is necessary to a visitor beforehand and tries to acquire information after an agreement.
  2. OKAYAMA observes laws, ordinances and a model applied about personal information and tries for protection of personal information of customers and reviews actions to be thorough more appropriately and improves it.
  3. OKAYAMA does not disclose customers' personal data to third parties except in the following cases.
    • When the customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure.
    • For information service to customers, when we consign duties to the company OKAYAMA fixed for.
    • When complying with laws and ordinances.
    • When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer.
    • When it is necessary to cooperate for the performance of the work of institutions of state, local public entity or the person trusted the work by the public entities, and also when there is possibility that affect to accomplishment of the work thorough obtaining customers's consent.

About This Site

This website<> is operated by OKAYAMA CO., LTD.(OKAYAMA). Please use it after approving the following matters .

  • Copyright of all authors used on this site are belong to OKAYAMA CO., LTD.
  • It is forbidden to reproduce, change, redissemination, republication, download, express, notify or forward the all or a part of contents in this site by any kind of form and any kind of means without obtaining our prior consent.
  • Any and all rights to the trademarks, the service marks and logos used on this website are "trademark" or "registered trademark".
  • As for the name of "OKAYAMA CO., LTD." and the logo, it is forbidden to use by any kind of means including advertisement related to distribution of material on this site without permission in writing.
  • OKAYAMA does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness about contents of all information and various material carried on this site and cannot accept the responsibility for all in case there is an error for these information by any chance.
  • Even if any detriment occur with the result of using these information, OKAYAMA cannot accept the responsibility for all.
  • In addition, these information is updated or changed without any prior notice.
  • Okayama does not guarantee contents of the linking site from this site.
Sending Information
  • Documents, information, ideas transmitted or notified on this site are not handled as confidential information or information of property, and the information can be spread and used for the purpose of development of products and production including marketing by associated companies.
  • It is forbidden to send to or notify on this site illegal documents, threatening documents, slanderous documents, documents of libel, obscene documents, scandalous document, agitating documents, pornographic documents, profane documents and document with possibility to occur civil liability or a criminal liability under the law.
Linking to the Website
  • In case you would like to link to this site, please inform our company of the site URL, the administration, and the purpose of link from here beforehand. In addition, there is a case that request to delete after having consented to a link request when we judged it against public order and morals and irrelevant to link.
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